Meet Bre - Morgantown New Instructor

Meet Bre, one of our new Morgantown Instructors! We asked some of our favorite questions and wrote the answers below… check them out!

1.) What's your name?

  • Brianna “Bre” Parks

2.) Where are you from?

  • Morgantown, WV

3.) How did you find Zenergy?

  • My good friend kept talking to me about this Zenergy place she was going to (and loving) so, I decided to put my skepticism aside and after months I finally gave in. Zenergy was one of the first ways I was able to exercise at a high intensity after suffering a severe knee injury, which required surgery and a long recovery time. My first ride(s) completely exceeded my expectations. The 45- minute class flew by, the arm section put an entirely new twist on a full- body workout, the music was amazing, and I couldn’t believe the amount of sweat I was covered in. I felt comfortable here, even though I was struggling to keep up in this new workout. I remember looking around to see if anyone could see how exhausted I was and to my surprise, there was no judging, no stares and no reason to feel self- conscience, it truly was and still is a safe space. Above all, the energy was incredible inside the candle lit room and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the Zenergy community.

4.) What made you want to be a Zenergy Instructor?

  • I fell in love with the people, the music and the total connection of mind, body and soul. Above all, the energy was incredible inside the candle lit room and I wanted to create that positive environment and safe space from the podium. Health and fitness has always been a huge part of my life- I wanted to share it with the fun twist and positive platform Zenergy was founded on. Zenergy is inspiring, fun and good for the soul– I can’t explain how amazing it is to look out and see 30 sweaty faces, supporting and growing, together!

5.) Since taking the podium, what is your favorite Instructor Memory?

  • Singing and dancing on the bike with the amazing riders of the Zenergy community, who I now consider family and friends

  • Receiving so much love and support from the Zenergy community- I am SO lucky and inspired by each of the riders each and every time we clip in!

Checkout Bre’s classes at the Morgantown studio through the app or website!