A Message from our Founder

Hey Zenergy!

What a year it has been! Over the past 365 days, we’ve climbed, sprinted, and tapped it back all while riding a bike that goes absolutely nowhere. From completing our ZEN MADNESS CHALLENGE to rising a double just to set a personal goal, or topping it off with out biggest challenge yet, our FINISH STRONGER 2019 Challenge (CONGRATS to all who are riding), it’s amazing to think what a little Patience, Dedication, Hard Work, and Love can do when you set your mind to something.


We’ve celebrated milestones, birthdays, engagements, new studio openings and a new app, but most importantly YOU, the most important part of Zenergy! You are the reason we get to do what we love and for that we thank you!

While things may not have always been so great outside of those four walls, there was always something special happenings inside them. Our team took you on a #JOURNEY and helped you get through that one thing that you were fighting with - whether internal or external, you stepped out of your comfort zone and created something new within yourself.

Wnat to know the most amazing part about all of this?! While 2018 was amazing, it was only the beginning! We’re just getting warmed up and we’re gong to make 2019 even better. My goal is to end every year by saying “That was the best year yet!” I know I can say that for 2018.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this 23-year-old entrepreneur’s dream come true. It is an honor to ride a bike in a dark room with you day in and out.

On behalf of myself and our team, I want to thank you for making this another incredible year!

With LOVE,
Nick Staples

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