If it's my first class, how early should I arrive at the studio?

We recommend all first time riders arrive at the studio at least 15-minutes prior to the start of class. This gives our team enough time to answer any questions you may have.

How is Zenergy Cycling different from a gym cycling class?

At Zenergy, we go beyond physical movement. We’ll move you musically, physically, emotionally and maybe even spiritually. You’ll depart with a newfound connection to your body and its ability. No matter where you position yourself on the fitness scale, you are welcomed to the community.

Is there a minimum age to ride at the studio?

We require all riders to be at least 14 years of age and older. If you are a minor (under the age of 16), a parent or guardian must be with you to check in for your first class so that they may sign your waiver.

What class should I take if I've never taken a cycling class before?

Zen101! If you’re just getting started or if you want to get back to the basics, this is the class for you! We’ll make sure you get the extra attention you need to build your confidence and prepare you for the next level of instruction. We’ll teach you how to set your bike up properly, help you with your form on the bike, and provide an introduction to the basic rhythmic moves that make a class fun and productive. If a Zen101 class is not offered at the time on the schedule, no worries, our regular ZenRide is another perfect fit.

How many calories should I expect to burn in a 45-minute class?

An average rider can expect to burn 500-700 calories in our ZenRide class. Calorie burn depends on several factors, like your weight and how much you put into the ride. Come take a class to find out how many calories you actually burn!

What parts of my body get worked out during class?

You’ll get a great workout for your arms, back, abdominals, and legs. We’ll also stimulate your mind and your heart. It’s a head-to-toe, full-body workout.

If I haven't worked out in a while, how do I pace myself in class?

Just go at your own pace. Lessen the resistance level on the bike, pedal at a rate that works for you, don’t do certain arm movements. Keep pushing yourself though and you’ll find that your abilities will increase with every ride.

How do I book a class?

Just go to the “Locations” tab at the top of the page and choose the studio you’d like to take a class. From there, you will see the current schedule, then follow the prompts to reserve your bike.

If I'm going to a class with friends, do we all need to book separately?

Each person will need to sign up for their first ride and complete a little information about themselves. If you have any trouble signing everyone up, give us a call and one of our team members will be more than happy to assist you!

Do you offer discounts if I buy more than one class at a time?

Yes, we offer a per class system or provide you with multiple Class Package options that are discounted based upon the Class Package you select. You can find our pricing for all of our studios on our “Pricing” or “Buy Now” tab at the top. The bigger the package, the more discounts you will get!

Do you offer reserved lockers?

Lockers and/or cubbies are available in all of our studios.

Do you offer monthly membership?

Among our many series is a Monthly Unlimited package. With this package, you can ride an unlimited amount of times until it expires. Please note: no rider may ride more than 3 times a day.

Is there any way I can make my seat more comfortable?

Try padded cycling shorts or a gel seat cover. The more you ride, the less you may want to use either of these.

What should I wear to class?

Something comfortable that allows you to move is best. You’re going to sweat, so wear clothing that’s light and keeps you cool.

Can I wear tennis/running shoes rather than cycling shoes to class?

Our bikes offer two types of clip in pedal options. They are equipped with SPD and LOOK Delta pedals. We do not offer shoe cages and do not allow riders to ride with tennis shoes for safety reasons. Cycling shoes are provided in your class purchase or you may bring your own.

If I'm pregnant, can I take a class?

We’d love to help you stay fit with your pregnancy. Please do check with your doctor and discuss his recommendation before you join us in a class.

Do you offer a class on setting up a bike and how to ride?

We have a team who will help you get set up on your bike and ensure that you have everything you need. Additionally, we offer Zen101 for beginners and for those who want a little extra help learning the Zenergy basics.

Can I hangout before or after class?

Sure! We’d love to visit with you.

Do you sell water?

Yes, we sell bottled CORE® Water for $2.00 at our studios.

Zenergy Cycling is a full body workout and like any new fitness routine, you may want to chat with your doctor before your first ride. Also, if you`re new to Zenergy Cycling, let us know – we are happy to answer any questions. We were all new riders at one point!

Before class, make sure to check that all pins are tight, that your shoes are secure in the pedals, and that you test the brake. Our instructors are motivational leaders who will inspire you to push yourself, but please listen to your body and work at a pace that is comfortable with you. Stay hydrated!