Our mission is to inspire people to lead vibrant, energetic,

happy lives through Patience, Dedication, Hard Work and Love. 




We offer a high intensity, low impact, full body cardio workout. Our high energy classes run from the early morning through the late evenings. 


Music and riding to the beat is a key part of the Zenergy experience. Each class is accompanied by a unique playlist handpicked and designed by the instructor. So whether you love pop, or hip hop, there’s a playlist just for you! 


We set out to make it as easy as possible for our riders. We run classes throughout the day from first thing in the morning to the LATE evening and all can be booked easily and quickly online through our free app or website. 


In addition to a high energy, inspiring workout, we offer lifestyle coaching tips from our instructors on our Zenblog!




The Zenergy workout is specifically designed to strengthen the body, the heart, and the mind while burning maximum calories. Light handweights are used to engage the upper body while movement in and out of the saddle works your core and your lower body. Cleated shoes are worn to increase riders connection between the foot and the bike, engaging the hamstrings and glute muscles, resulting in lean, toned legs.

The philosophy is simple; to help you forget about how hard you are working, instead allowing you to clip into the bike and out of the rest of the world.